“To penetrate and dissipate these clouds of darkness, the general mind must be strengthened by education.” Jawaharlal Nehru

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To be fluent in English is no longer a luxury: it is a necessity. The English Language is becoming a way of life.

The English Language links not just people and the States of our Country, but whole countries of the world and our thoughts and processes.

Today, the English Language is as much an Indian Language as much as the several dozen languages in our country.

For every Englishman in England, there are three Indians speaking in English.

At “English Shikha”, you will learn not just the English Language but also a number of Soft Skills necessary to help you advance in your career.

From the very letters of the English alphabets to the words and the sentences, you will move up in life acquiring fluency in English.

Filling up of Forms, Writing your CV, Table Manners, Interacting with People, and Handling those Difficult Interviews will also be taught to you in English Shikha.

You will learn more about the importance of the English Language in the separate box provided below. Do click on the box, “The Importance of English”. You will be surprised on going through it!

The separate box, “The English Learn English” will show you how the English themselves learn their own mother tongue – by making a lot of mistakes, and getting corrected by their mother and their father.

This is the “Direct Method” of learning a language – any language. You learn it by listening to it, by reading it, by speaking it. Just like that! Listen to English; Read Some English and Speak More English.

You can read more about it in the box, “More About English Shikha”. Do click on those boxes one by one, and separately.

Are you ready for a challenge? A few Tests have been designed for you. A few of them are rather easy! But, don’t be too sure.

Go ahead! Take a Test, or Two, or More!

Let us then, thereafter see your score!

And then, do join us at “English Shikha” and Make A Difference In Your Life.


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